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8 Week Intensive Social Media + Branding Workshop

Are you ready to bring your brand to life?

What if we told you that you can build the brand of your dreams in just 8 weeks?

Let's be real. We all know how much work goes into creating a brand: figuring out how to position yourself, defining your niche, speaking directly to your customer in a meaningful way, EVEN choosing the right colors is a huge undertaking.  

There's a common misconception that business owners need to hire an expensive design firm and marketing agency to be successful online, but we're here to tell you that's bullsh*t.  

It's TOTALLY possible, and we can't wait to show you how!  

This course is specifically designed to help female entrepreneurs (or soon-to-be entrepreneurs) build a beautiful, cohesive brand on their own that will inspire and activate their community! 

So here's the deal, we've created a strategic process to empower YOU to build a beautiful and cohesive brand in 8 weeks.

Join us for a 8 week intensive branding and marketing master class.

During this course...

We are going to take you through all the necessary steps to build a cohesive brand and potent online presence to help YOU sell more and make a bigger impact online.

Working with our agencies directly would cost upwards of $25,000, BUT we LOVE working with budding female founders with smaller budgets so we created this intensive, hands on course just for you.

No more guesswork. No more long nights staying up late to read every blog on the internet about branding and social media strategy. Learn directly from the experts through our proven process to develop a brand identity that feels authentic, extraordinary and cohesive.

If you are ready to get your hands dirty and start building a killer brand, this course is perfect for YOU!

In just 8 weeks, we will...

  • DEVELOP your audience & your niche, clarify your messaging to inspire action.
  • DESIGN your logo & branding materials without even having to hire a designer.
  • GROW your following FAST.

What you get...

  • Support + confidence that will propel your business forward
  • Clarity on your brand's identity 
  • A powerful mission statement
  • Brand personas
  • Accountability 
  • Brand mood board + clear visual direction 
  • One-on-one brand styling support  
  • Color palette 
  • Wordmark logo
  • Social media strategy deep dive 
  • Instagram growth action plan
  • Strong Instagram bio
  • Photography and editing instruction
  • Tools for managing your Instagram feed
  • Instagram stories strategy 
  • Real time feedback and advice
  • Accountability group & network of fellow female founders 
  • Tons of inspiration!

This is right for you if...

  • You have an idea and are ready to launch your business or passion project.
  • You already have a business and know you need a stronger brand.
  • You have a limited budget, but you are RESOURCEFUL!
  • You want a brand that looks BEAUTIFUL.
  • You are ready to dive in and BUILD IT!
  • You are dedicated to give 100% during these weeks.

Are you ready to create a BEAUTIFUL brand and start marketing online? 




Setting the Foundation: Money Mindset & Business Optimization

  • Uncover your current relationship with money
  • Develop a prosperous mindset to attract more abundance in your business & life
  • Tools and rituals to help you stay organized and optimize business growth
  • Master the art of calendaring to stay on top of your workflow  


Discovering Your Brand Essence

  • Discover the essence of your brand
  • Naming your brand with clarity & intention
  • Establish your buyer personas
  • Define the purpose and core values of your company
  • Develop a kick-ass mission statement 
  • Create a strong & visually balanced mood board  


Define Your Design

  • Learn the power of color psychology and how to apply it to your branding
  • Create your own color palette
  • Define your primary brand fonts
  • Design your own logo without Photoshop  


Bring Your Design to Life  

  • Time to start implementing what we've built!
  • Strategic guidance on how to design a beautiful website that converts
  • Build the foundation of your website with a strong homepage and strategic calls-to-action  


Finding Your Voice Online

  • Tools, practices & rituals to overcome fear of judgement online
  • Outline your digital marketing funnel & overall strategy
  • Write a killer Instagram bio
  • Build trust with your audience through authentic self expression
  • Developing a content strategy that brings value and drives engagement  


Do It For The 'Gram

  • Learn how to take beautiful photographs and edit them with ease
  • Design a cohesive Instagram feed that is inspiring and dynamic 
  • Tutorials on how to execute branded custom designed content (quote graphics, etc.)
  • Design custom Instagram stories icons  


Let's Get Discovered

  • You've built a killer brand, you've implemented it on your website and instagram, now let's get it in front of more people!
  • Instagram hashtag & engagement strategy
  • Influencer marketing & strategic partnerships outreach
  • *BONUS* Facebook Ads 101 Training  


Deadline to apply is Feb 1st, 2019.  

This curated group is selective based on fit. 

We only have a few remaining spots for the February-March session!


Our group calls will be:

Every Wednesday 6-7:30pm Pacific Time 

Feb 6 - March 27  

With one week off the week of Feb 25  


Jessie Donahue

Hi, I’m Jessie!  

I’ll be one of your guides for this hands on branding experience. Discovering the soul of a brand and bringing it to life is my favorite thing to do in the entire world!  

I am the founder and CEO of Moonshot Creative, a creative agency that supports companies on a mission to make an impact. We help growing businesses tell their story visually- through powerful branding, design, web development, photography and videography. I have supported hundreds of female founders in the launch and growth of their businesses! Now I can't wait to support YOU! 



Miranda Luebkeman

Hey there! 

My name is Miranda and I LOVE all things marketing (you can call me a little obsessed). I've been specializing in digital marketing for over 7 years and have had the absolute pleasure to work with major brands like Mamma Chia, Nena & Co., Brekki, Philz Coffee, Pura Vida Bracelets, RainbowOPTX and more to create highly engaging content & social media campaigns. 

I'm the CEO and lead strategist of Planet Palm Creative, a boutique creative marketing agency catering to purpose-driven lifestyle brands. Our mission is to help brands inspire, influence and activate their online communities. 

I can't wait to see what we co-create together! 


"In my opinion there’s a lot of companies that talk a good game but Jessie & Miranda make it happen! They have empowered me and given me kick-ass confidence while starting my business. This 6 week course covered SO much essential information. All the modules were structured clearly and easy to absorb. They put so much thought into designing this course & it truly shows! It wasn’t just about all the new knowledge, the main benefits came from doing the “homework” and receiving individual feedback."  

- Diana Zargoza, Real Estate Agent

"I first got the opportunity to work with Miranda a couple of years ago, when my business was a tiny baby business, and I hadn't even set up social media accounts yet. I didn't really understand Instagram, and had no idea what I was doing. Now, it is a primary way for me to connect with clients, advertise my work, and make money. I get SO much positive feedback from my customers about my social media presence, and through social media, I touch my clients lives on a daily basis.  

Miranda's work on my business helped me to expand my reach exponentially and grow a successful brand. I've learned a tremendous amount about social media from working with her, and the experience has been really empowering."

- Kassi Grunder, Kassi Grunder Jewelry

"We were so incredibly impressed with the BYOB curriculum and this experience with Jessie & Miranda! They arrived to every class incredibly prepared and always with an amazing attitude. They not only provided great information, but were always available for additional help if needed. We left in just a few weeks with what would have taken months to complete on our own, or cost a fortune to hire out, and it felt 100% better since we had ownership and input over the entire process of building our brand! We know exactly who we are and can now market that to our customers. I hope they come out with a part 2 as we would sign up right away!"  

-Kirsten Horning & Jess Lambert, Exstrawordinary 


"First I want to start off by saying Miranda and Jessie are two of the most genuine, supportive, knowledgeable women you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. The BYOB course not only gave me the confidence to actually put my business dreams into action (which I was seriously lacking), but also provided every tool I needed to establish and design my brand! The worksheets each week were perfect to organize all of my scattered and confused ideas by forcing me to narrow things down, get specific about my brand, and lay every small detail out. Working every detail out visually was so helpful. I’m telling you, these girls have a contagious confidence and there is no way to fail if you keep up with the worksheets, engage with the other women in the group, and truly believe in your business. Without this course I KNOW I wouldn’t have had the courage or knowledge to create my own brand and definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet the awesome badass women I was able to work with! I cannot say enough good things about this course and the women that created it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

- Kara Papafagos, Holistic Health Coach  

“If you are trying to build an impactful brand from the ground up this course is absolutely essential. Jessie and Miranda give you all the tools necessary to create a really strong foundation for your brand and then walk you through the branding process step by step. I can’t say enough good things about this course!”  

- Natalie Parlett, She's All Heart

"The content Jessie and Miranda created for the BYOB course is so on-point, I have dramatically elevated my brand with a cohesive style and gained clarity on a plan to grow my following. Ultimately, because of this course I’ve developed exponential confidence in moving out into the world as a heart-centered business leader. The weekly virtual calls kept me in check and motivated me to stay on track. I cannot believe what we have all accomplished in 6 weeks! Not to mention the supportive community of my new badass lady boss family. SO GRATEFUL!

- Chelsea Muehe, Holistic Health Coach

“BYOB is great for those starting to build a brand or want to take your business to the next level. Jessie and Miranda are very passionate and teach you so many great tools to help you go deeper! It helped me set a solid foundation for my business that I wouldn’t have been able to do without them. I would highly recommend this class to anyone! ”  

- Whitnee McHaney, Wellness by Whitnee




$2,500 ($5,000 VALUE) 


Application deadline is February 1st, 2019